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Warranty and Contracts Essay Example for Free

Guarantee and Contracts Essay Did the â€Å"I accept† note jotted on the napkin sent to Ms. Daughtery make a coupling contract between the two gatherings over the offer of 1965 Corvette Stingray, despite the fact that she has not gotten the acknowledgment note yet? Truly this is a coupling contract between the two gatherings. While this might be a flighty acknowledgment of an offer, it is as yet restricting agreement between our customer, Mr. deCapo and Ms. Daughtery. Ms Daughtery sent our customer an offer note on February 13, 2008, selling her 1965 Corvette Stingray for the measure of 25,995 or more all title move charges. Roughly thirty days after the fact our customer Mr. deCapo sent Ms. Daughtery his acknowledgment of her terms for the offer of her vehicle with the extra expense for title move charges. Our customer picked acknowledge her terms, by means of a note on a napkin and sent via the post office. The note sent from Ms. Daughtery is in truth a substantial proposal of deals to Mr. deCapo. It was a straightforward offer and just soliciting the cost from the vehicle just as move title expense. When Mr. deCapo acknowledged the offer it turned into a coupling contract. Despite the fact that Ms. Daughtery has not gotten the acknowledgment note from our customer, as per the post box rule once it went into the mail it turned into a coupling contract. There were no specifications in Ms. Daughtery’s note to a particular course of events, the thirty days it took our customer to react has no bearing. The exhibition is the methods for acknowledgment for this situation under the letter box rule. The sent acknowledgment is a sensible structure to focus on the offer. On the off chance that our customer was reacting with a disavowal of his offer this would not be worthy under the letter box rule. Particularly on the off chance that it was sent after the acknowledgment was sent. The proposal of acknowledgment wouldâ arrive first in this way making it a coupling contract between the two gatherings. For the situation Adams v. Lindsell, â€Å"The acknowledgment was sent on September 5; was not gotten until September 9. The offeror adjusted his perspective meanwhile and guaranteed there was no coupling agreement. Be that as it may, the court held the agreement was shaped on September 5 when the acknowledgment was mailed† ( There is nothing about this procedure that would make this not be a legitimate restricting agreement. The note was sent by Ms. Daughtery and the acknowledgment was sent by our customer. The acknowledgment became legitimate once the scrawl acknowledgment napkin by our customer was placed via the post office. Despite the fact that Ms. Daughtery has not gotten the correspondence from Mr. deCapo it doesn't change the way that he has acknowledged the proposal from Ms. Daughtery. There was never a correspondence of an in-person conveyance of the acknowledgment nor was there a specification of a lapsed timeframe for the acknowledgment offer, accordingly making this a coupling contract between our customer and Ms. Daughtery. Vender warrants that: (1) Clarice Daughtery (vender) is the sole proprietor of the vehicle; (2) such vehicle is liberated from all encumbrances, security premiums, and different barriers against dealer; (3) the money cost of $25995.00 and the extra sum all exchange title expenses; (4) the vehicle will be conveyed to and acknowledged by Leo deCapo (purchaser) on day of installment; (5) Leo deCapo is of legitimate age and lawfully skillful to execute the agreement on the date thereof; (6) all divulgences to purchaser and different issues regarding such exchange, are in all regards as required by, and as per, every single material law and guidelines overseeing them. (7) Inspection and Acceptance of Vehicle: the purchaser will expect cost of the investigation of the vehicle, if the vehicle isn't seen as precisely solid per venders portrayal; buyerâ shall return vehicle and drop installment of check. Assessment and Acceptance of Vehicle: 4 hours preceding finish of exchange. (8) The dealer and additionally pu rchaser consent to sign related reports important to finish the deal to build up title. Dated: Assets Letter box rules cases, recovered on February 5, 2011,​mailbox%​20rule%​20cases.rtf South University Online Lectures, recovered on February 5, 2011 Twomey, D. what's more, Jennings, M. (2008) Business Law and Legal Environment 21st ed.

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Summary of Transportation Research Record Assignment

Rundown of Transportation Research Record - Assignment Example This clarifies why the most recent decade has seen the expansion of just 7 runways. By the by, a lot of optional air terminals have encountered enormous development, turning into the ideal air terminals for explicit goals. This doesn't subvert the way that they have been encountering postponements and blockage, particularly in top periods because of absence of spots for the planes to land. The bigger piece of the subsidizing for the air terminals in Denver, Colorado can be followed back to the national government. In any case, choices relating to the activity, building and development of the offices are dealt with at nearby and state levels. It has been perceived that postponements and clog in air terminals must be helped by complete cures. This article analyzes air travel since it is consistently a pointer with respect to the bearing taken by Gross Domestic Product of a specific state. Fundamentally, there are worries about the postponements and clog in numerous air terminals coming about because of absence of room for development. Networks neighboring the air terminals are likewise against the development because of traffic just as clamor from the planes. This issue anyway would not be unraveled by shortsighted cures however a blend of arrangements equipped tending to the money related, specialized and even social part of the air terminals, all the more so in connection with the

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Risk Assessment Plan Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Hazard Assessment Plan - Term Paper Example Toward one side are the licenses and trademarks, which are legitimately ensured and officially recorded. What follows is the information consolidated in formal procedure and programming. There is likewise the information found in guidelines, manuals, just as other composed sources. At the opposite end is the unwritten information that is revered in the manner individuals do the manner in which they do. The dangers related with this class of capital incorporates: feeble and conflicting work process, insufficient documentation and dissemination of information, and lacking insurance of exclusive information. ii. Human capital Human capital incorporates all individuals that work in SunnyVille. The key dangers related with human capital incorporates: inability to make a culture that qualities learning and acknowledges change, conflicting spread over the organization and deficiency of abilities levels, and powerlessness to and likelihood of key staff and the executives turnover. iii. Relat ionship capital. Relationship capital incorporates client connections, outside system of merchants, organizations, and redistributed administrations among numerous others. The key dangers related with this class of capital incorporate the: dangers to the brand, relationship reliability to people, and weakness, and likelihood to accomplice surrenders or clients. iv. Business formula This is the company’s procedure, on the grounds that the proper system is an advantage. The key dangers related with business plans incorporate the: introduction to financial cycles, potential substitutes, and dangers of new contenders. Task Scope Statement During SunnyVille’s ongoing IT review, the last report referenced that the company’s chance evaluation needs more noteworthy detail, the IT arrangements are lacking, and the general administration of hazard itself is unverified with little oversight from the top managerial staff. Following these perceptions, the hazard appraisal gr oup met on June 10, 2013 to survey the extent of hazard evaluation to be directed so as to ponder on how address the issues distinguished during the review. The group investigated the whole hazard structure of the organization, with solid accentuation being paid on IT strategies, impalpable dangers, just as the job of directorate in alleviating dangers. The discoveries of these evaluations, surveys, and review were utilized to create chance appraisal scope proclamation. On June 13, 201, SunnyVille’s staff led the hazard appraisal. The point of this procedure was to recognize dangers that could have added to the issues raised after the review. Various partners, including the workers and top managerial staff were engaged with the procedure of hazard evaluation. Subjective/Quantitative Risk Analysis A quantitative technique can be utilized for the hazard examination, whereby the hazard will be introduced utilizing an assortment of scales or through the budgetary degree as antici pated measure of misfortunes related with various kinds of dangers (Szczepankiewicz and Szczepankiewicz, 2006). This technique will depend on the accessible information; however where information isn't accessible subjective methodology can be utilized. To set qualities, meaning of the data will be done so as to guarantee legitimate accomplishment of various business forms and their pertinence for working of the company’s units and subsequently the entire organization (Galach, 2004). There are numerous Qualitative ways to deal with hazard investigation, including NIST 800-30, CRAMM,

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Texting While Driving How to Write Persuasive Essay

Unlike an informative essay, a persuasive one sets itself convincing the reader of the author’s point of view as an object. It is also called an argumentative essay. As for the texting while driving persuasive essay, it has to inform the reader about the danger of this matter and your own opinion concerning it. The key elements of the paper may differ. Sometimes it can contain statistics provided by the road services or the examples of bitter experience. The following text will tell, how to write a persuasive essay on texting and driving. Persuasive Essay About Texting While Driving: The Basics Like any other paper, this essay has its own structure. It will depend on the number of words in your limit, but usually, you need to build it according to this outline for persuasive essay on texting while driving: 1 paragraph (10-20% of the text) – the introduction, where the key point is written clearly; 3-4 paragraphs (70-80% of the text) – the body of the paper, where you give examples, explain your opinion and number pros and cons of the happening; 1 paragraph (10% of the text) – the conclusion, where you sum up everything written into several short understandable sentences. Any kinds of additions to the essay on how to write a persuasive essay about texting while driving are optional. The cornerstone of any persuasive essay is research. The peculiarity of the texting while driving topic is the fact that you probably will not find much information in libraries. This reason for road accidents is new for our society. They haven’t described it in textbooks or guides yet, and so the best variants for you are newspapers or the Internet. The newspapers’ filings can be used to describe the road accidents which happened in your locality. The Internet is useful for gathering more global statistics. You may not focus only on the grave consequences of texting while driving. A good persuasive essay against texting while driving must have some solutions for solving this problem but not only accusations or cautions. Mention traffic rules or gadgets developed for this situation. The Format of Persuasive Essay on Texting While Driving The writer must stick to the corresponding format of the paper. The text must not contain any kind of slang or foul language. Every source of information has to be cited according to the regulations of the chosen style. We will go deep into the details: Position. The position or the thesis must be strong, actual, active and uncompromising. You have to persuade the reader; being faced both ways will not do well for you in writing texting while driving persuasive essay. A good position will sound like: â€Å"Several Easy Steps to Prevent Texting While Driving from Killing†, and a bad one will be: â€Å"Is Texting While Driving As Scary As We Are Told?†. You may leave your reader open-minded guessing one’s own opinion. But he or she still has to see your definite attitude towards the problem. Topics. Understandable topics will help you to support your thoughts. You need to compress each paragraph into one short phrase or statement. It will not only help your argument to flow but will help the reader not to become confused, especially if the essay takes more than three pages. Background. No one will believe you without evidence. Any example of persuasive essay on texting while driving you can find on the Internet contains a wide list of information sources. As it has been already told, the most relevant are any kinds of statistics, the opinions of well-known experts, books, specialized journals and newspapers. Check the following examples: the statement â€Å"Almost a half of all drivers are against a ban of texting while driving† will lose in persuasion to this one â€Å"Almost 66 thousand drivers use phones while driving†. The last one holds a hyperlink to the source. The problem with the sources also concerns the question of how to write an persuasive essay on texting while driving outline. You should try to build up the structure of the essay in the manner to make the sources grow in their strength and relevancy. Try to put one irresistible fact in the beginning. Then, step by step, increase the number of facts and arguments in order to thrill your audience and whip up their attention to the problem. All facts, graphics, videos, and statistics that claim to be more interesting than persuasive should be held in the auxiliary part of your essay. Sentences. Each sentence should have only one point or argument. There is no need to use too extended phrases. You have to concentrate on the purpose of your essay: the problem of texting while driving should be clear for everyone. A long statement with several facts in it will definitely confuse the reader. Check the following simple example. The sentence â€Å"According to the recent research, people who text while driving lose 70% of concentration and are twice more likely to get into an accident than careful drivers.†, can be easily divided into two parts without losing sense: â€Å"People who text while driving lose 70% of concentration.† and â€Å"According to the same research, they are twice more likely to get into a road accident.† Plus, making short sentences is much easier for an author. How to Persuade Your Audience? Talking about tips on writing persuasive essay on texting while driving, one should not forget about persuasion tricks that will help to convince anybody of everything. In this type of paper, many techniques prohibited in other essays are welcome. See what you need to know for the first time: Try to use more reiteration. The main idea of your essay must become a clue piercing every paragraph. Make the readers not forget about your opinion. This approach has been known since ancient times and became one of the basics of rhetorics. Just recall the origins of the Roman saying â€Å"Delenda est Carthago†. Mostly all persuasive essay examples texting while driving will include quotations. Anyone will believe a statement covered by any authoritative character. In the case of texting while driving you can use the thoughts sounded by famous riders, engineers, automobile developers or road experts. Make the problem look really dangerous. Mention that texting while driving will cause road accidents, and its victims are not only careless drivers but pedestrians as well. Hence the problem concerns everyone. That is why it is important to watch how your text corresponds to the target audience. Try to please those who drive. Obviously, the essay is written especially for them. However, do not forget about those who haven’t a car yet and are just going to purchase it. Sound like a professional. The statement about extended sentence prohibition does not touch the possibility to use special turns of speech peculiar to a formal and scientific language. All unnecessary words, uncertain phrases, and interjections will give you up as an amateur. Guess all arguments against your position beforehand. Your essay will win if it doesn’t leave any unanswered questions behind. In our case, they may concern the special gadgets, voice texting, lack of traffic regulation, etc. Make your reader stay silent for a long time. Give some time for yourself. Do not try to make it as quickly as possible. Every step must be considered. The gathering of facts and evidence will probably take the biggest part of your time. Everything Is Possible If You Have a Helping Hand And sometimes you just do not have enough time. Persuasion is not a simple process. You have to turn the whole system of people’s conceptions about texting while driving upside down. The growing accident statistics is a good proof. Somehow this kind of essay has got many commons with officials’ speeches. And, as you know, they do not write speeches by themselves. So, sometimes, when you do not feel knowledgeable about the problem of texting while driving enough, you seek help. The best way to the prominent essay is hiring a writer here. What are the main pros? First of all, the subject is sore for us. Our writers drive cars and know that driving and texting simultaneously is dangerous in the first hand. Secondly, we will pick the best structure of the essay. The best persuasive essay outline on texting while driving will depend on the number of needed sources, pages limit and the level of writing. Anyway, you will get a prominent plan of your essay with all details needed. Thirdly, mind the great experience of our team. They have got used to writing any kinds of essays for many years, so they will not let you down with typical â€Å"novice† mistakes: lack of argumentation, irrelevant sources, etc. We reread and proofread any essay for many times. If you need your texting while driving persuasive essay to be professionally blended, served to you in time and without glitches, ask us for help. When you need to get the best result from the toughest assignment, you call us. Do not hesitate! Let us know about your persuasive essay on driving and texting, and we will gladly help you!

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Full Exposure The Sickening Treatment for...

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder can be distressing and can cause dysfunction in people’s everyday lives. People all around the world suffer from Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder no matter their gender, race, or culture. Children, teens, and adults could potentially gain OCD depending on the stressful situations that occur in their lives. People who suffer from this disorder often have uncontrollable thoughts of worry and anxiety that lead to actions and behaviors that become repetitive habits. The actions normally occur when people think that the worst possible things might happen to them. So in order to attempt to suppress the fearful thoughts people may perform different habits over and over again throughout each day in order to gain a†¦show more content†¦This treatment consists of a therapist attempting to expose someone with this disorder to the thing that they fear without allowing them to perform their compulsive habits that go along with their anxiety. This t reatment is normally considered uncomfortable to the patients and may take time to become affective but can teach people who suffer from Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder that they can still survive even if they don’t feel completely secure when facing their fears. An example would be making a patient who is insecure about trusting people leave their car unlocked in a busy parking lot. This would help them to realize that it is okay if they don’t push the lock button twenty times or pull on the door over and over trying to reassure themselves that their belongings are safe. The patients who go through this are supposed to slowly learn to deal with their fears and anxieties without letting it affect their everyday lives’. The Exposure and Response Prevention therapy treatments are not always safe but can be highly effective in the long run. Exposing a person who is terrified of becoming sick to an unsanitary environment may cause them to actually become sick but it is to help them learn to face fears without relying on their compulsive reactions to help them feel protected. It is difficult to identify symptoms of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder because sometimes people don’t even realize that they are

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War Was The Only Option - 1547 Words

Like two spoiled children throwing a fit, the Union and Confederacy found themselves in a situation they were unprepared for. Neither side had an army large enough to conduct a full-scale war. Each side had trepidations about engaging in armed conflict, but like the years leading up to secession the most extreme political voices triumphed over moderation. Dr. McClintock argues that hard-liners in the north refused to negotiate for peace feeling they had nothing wrong. Southern leaders had become so arrogant they could not imagine northerners would be willing to die to keep the south from leaving. Arrogance on both sides would prove catastrophic. Once shots fired at Fort Sumter, war was the only option. This rush to action was the greatest failure in the war. As Catton describes in his book, a war began neither side prepared for. The mobilization of men was so large that in terms of percentage no other war in American history required such a large percentage of American men. Old world military tactics combined with new world technology resulted in human carnage never seen. Combined with utter hatred for the other side, this war went beyond conventional military logic into the realm of politics. These realities came crashing down on both sides resulting in failures so tragic they are beyond comprehension. Both sides shared in failures. The Union quickly mobilized an Army the size of which the nation had never seen. They had to do this without some of the greatest militaryShow MoreRelatedThe Syrian Civil War Essay1311 Words   |  6 PagesSyrian civil war started in 2011 was the outcome of the opposition against the President Bashar al-Assad regime. The uprising emerged as a response to the Arab spring movement that lead to regime change in Tunisia and subsequently turned into mass unrest rooted into the discontent with long-term dictatorship and poor economic situation in the country (Manfreda, n.d.). The number of Syrian citizens killed in the civil war reached 140000 since March 2011 (SBS 2014). The European Commission (2014, 2)Read MorePatrick Henry Speech892 Words   |  4 Pagesthat there is no other alternative but war. Henry starts off by acknowledging the patriotism and abilities of the men who spoke before, and against him. Henry goes on to persuade his audience by use of rhetorical questions and compari sons to religious beliefs. Henry’s speech was very motivations, and inspirational, as well as urgent and persuasive. Patrick Henry did a good job, and at the height of his speech, he convinces the House of Burgesses that the war needs to be fought. The first thing HenryRead MoreTrumans Utter Destruction with the Atomic Bomb1079 Words   |  5 PagesTruman had several options presented from his Joint Chiefs of Staff. First option was the invasion of the Mainland of Japan, specifically Kyushu. (36) Second option was to continue bombing Japan’s infrastructure and food supply. (39) Third option was to wait on the till the Soviets acted upon their agreement and join the war against Japan. (41) Fourth option was to change the policy of unconditional surrender to allow Japan to keep Emperor Hirohito on his throne. (42) The final option Truman receivedRead MorePresident Truman Made A Nuclear Weapon1745 Words   |  7 Pagesbomb was dropped on Japan in the city of Nagasaki. P resident Truman made this choice in an effort to end World War II. World War II began on September 1,1939 and ended on September 2,1945 ending in an Allie victory. This world was fought primarily by the Axis Powers: Germany, Austria, Italy, and Japan and the Allie Powers: Great Britain, France, The USSR, and the United States. President Truman made a difficult decision to drop nuclear weapons on Japan, because the factors leading up to the war, theRead MoreWorld War I Am Become Death, The Destroyer Of Worlds1165 Words   |  5 Pageswhat Robert Oppenheimer said when an atomic bomb was first tested at Los Alamos. On August 6, 1945 an atomic bomb was dropped on the Japanese city of Hiroshima. Three days later, another was dropped on the city of Nagasaki. These bombs killed over 100,000 instantly and approximately another 100,000 died from the fallout affect of the bombs. Nobody will ever forget this tragic day, when America destroyed the lives of thousands but also stopped the wa r with Japan. Since this moment, there has alwaysRead MoreStrategic Partnership Agreement ( Spa )1599 Words   |  7 Pagesâ€Å"Zero Option† for Withdrawal of Troops in Afghanistan As plans needed to be made to withdraw American troops from Afghanistan, President Obama proposed a Strategic Partnership Agreement (SPA) in May 2010 between the United States and Afghanistan. From the White House’s Fact Sheet on the agreement (2012), the goal of this agreement is to define what the US’s involvement will be with the Afghan Government beyond the end of the war. It was now 2012 and the President of Afghanistan, Karzai, was stillRead MoreThe War Policy Of Bombing Cities Essay1647 Words   |  7 PagesArguments against the statement: 1) The Japanese were Warned Supports of the atomic bombs point out that Japan had been warned and given time to surrender. On July 26, the Potsdam Declaration was sent to Japan as a final ultimatum to accept unconditional surrender. The Allies would accept nothing but unconditional surrender with the document being concluded with â€Å"We call upon the Government of Japan to proclaim now the unconditional surrender of all the Japanese armed forces †¦ the alternative forRead MorePost Traumatic Stress Disorder Essay1450 Words   |  6 Pageswith PTSD will Reduce the Rate of Suicides Soldiers who return home may not only have physical setbacks, but are mentally traumatized from what they have witnessed while serving our country. Veterans are more prone to be diagnosed with PTSD due to the combat they experience or witness on the field. Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in veterans has been prevalent for decades and there is still no known treatment option that has been found entirely effective. Many Vietnam veterans who never soughtRead MoreHarry S. Truman For Defeating Japan s Barbaric Regime And Ending The Bloodiest War1641 Words   |  7 Pageswhen Harry S. Truman was forced to decide whether or not to drop the atomic bombs on Japan, the moral choice was clear: dropping the bombs was the most viable option available that would end World War II, minimize casualties on both sides of the war, and ensure American victory. Every other option available to Truman would have resulted in a much greater loss for the people of both Japan and the United States. Whil e dropping atomic bombs on the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki was undeniably an atrocityRead MoreShould Us Go To War In Iraq Essay820 Words   |  4 Pagespeople believed that our government was looking for a reason to go to war in the middle east, specifically with Iraq. We believed that the â€Å"people of Iraq are an oppressed people, and the world has a duty to help these people† (Kelly). However, after going through the Vietnam war, our citizens did not want to enter into another war and send more soldiers away from home. We were currently having our best years financially in our country and were involved in zero wars. But, looking for ways to have better

Theories as the Basis for Nursing Practice free essay sample

Abstract Theory development is the fundamental step for expansion of nursing knowledge. The knowledge has been borrowed from different disciplines to build the nursing theories. The categorization of theories is based on their scope of practice. The grand nursing theories are the most complex and abstract in their nature. Middle range theories are inducted mostly from grand nursing theories. Orem’s self-care model is clear and descriptive; the theory has been applied, analyzed in a precise method to various areas in the current nursing practice successfully. A comprehensive knowledge of nursing theories is an integral part of graduate nursing. Initially I was also wondering just like the graduate student in the beginning of chapter 2 in (McEwen amp; Willis, 2011) about the application of theory to nursing practice. However the initial theory classes were lot of information in a short duration. Over the time of the course it became clear that theory development in nursing has been crucial to nursing emerging as a profession. We will write a custom essay sample on Theories as the Basis for Nursing Practice or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page The knowledge for nursing theory development has been based on silent knowledge, where the role is limited to following physician orders, received knowledge; this is the information from other fields like sociology, psychology, physiology and anthropology. Later on the theory development was based on individual experiences, practical skills and procedures and empirical data and evidence based practices (McEwen amp; Willis, 2011). Initially it was extremely difficult to comprehend the grand theories, however, as mentioned by Professor Williams (2012) analyzing the grand theories in the context of meta paradigms like human, environment, nursing and health made it quite interesting and simple to understand M. Y. Williams (personal communication, October 12, 2012). The analysis of theories based on the concept development and the logical relationships between the concepts, provides the opportunity to conduct further research in the nursing practice. Grando (2005) described the use of Orem’s theory to guide nursing practice as an example of modern nursing to distinguish nursing from medicine. Grando (2005) successfully implemented a self-care deficit model while treating patients to maintain mental health functioning. She developed a tool based on conditioning of the basic human factors leads to self care requisites like changing behaviors, re framing the habits and managing feelings. Grando (2005) was able to cultivate self care agencies like adequate knowledge, judgment and perception modification to facilitate aintenance of mental health. SCNDT has been successfully implemented in various settings like care of the patient with learning disability. Orem’s model was used in the nursing process to assess the needs of a patient named Sara suffering with Asthma and formulated the nursing diagnosis and care plan based on the needs identified. â€Å"The human needs are categorized into food, air, water, shelter, rest, social interaction, prevention of hazards and maintaining adequate normal function level† (Horan, Doran amp; Timmins, 2004, p. 35 ). The patient was asked to maintain a diary of all the teachings and the interventions to track the progress of the care plan. The conclusion of the study was: It proved as a useful frame work in this situation because Sara was involved in the entire process. From this she became aware of issues relating to her self- care needs and how to meet them. The authors have found that using Orem’s (2001) model in this practice setting has greatly enhanced Sara’s self-care abilities and acknowledgement of deficits plus, preventing possible future problems.